Resources for Child and Youth Workers

  1. Scheyett, A. (2015) Social Workers as Superhero’s. TEDxColumbiaSC

Retrieved from:

This video is presented by Dr. Anna Scheyett, the dean of Columbia University. She puts into perspective the assumptions that are made by others about social workers, like the lady that is judging your parenting. She goes into detail about all of the things that social workers do. It is a good resource to remind CYW’s of their importance.

2. Lombard, J. (July 2002) Creating Safe Professional Spaces: Regulation of Child and Youth Care.

Retrieved from:

The article above goes into detail of the work required by child and youth workers. I included this because it can be a useful tool to remain effective in the field.

3. Crowell, N (2015) 5 Must See TED talks for Social Workers. Social Worker Success.

Retrieved from:

I find most TED talks to be quite inspirational.

4. CMHO: Children’s Mental Health Ontario. (2017)

Retrieved from:

This website is a great resource for child and youth workers. It is filled with useful resources for parents, youth, children, and professionals. Kids Help Phone, Dare to Dream and Mood Disorder Association to name a few.

5. Child and Youth Mental Toolkits

Retrieved From:

This resource is great. The content offers interactive phone apps, YouTube videos, websites, and games to offer help and coping mechanisms for a variety of mental health problems found in children.



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