Case Study

Present Situation:

Sarah is a 16-year-old resident at the Sunnyside residential facility for troubled youth. Sarah has been a resident for 3 weeks, and on July 13, 2017 she had a doctor’s appointment and got the news that she is pregnant. Sarah is determined to be a mother, but this facility is not equipped with the necessary classes and resources for young parents.

Client Background:

Sarah was brought to our facility because her home situation was not ideal. Her father was not in the home, and her mother has severe substance abuse problems and was mentally unavailable to serve Sarah’s basic needs and emotions. Sarah began rebelling, skipping school, hanging out with an older crowd, and participating in petty theft.

Clients Strengths/Needs:

Sarah enrolled in an alternative schooling program at Fredrick Banting on June 25, 2017 working toward her high school diploma. She asks staff members for help if she gets overwhelmed or confused with the work. She has abided by curfew as she is aware of the consequences of breaking the rules. Sarah thrives in structures environments and it is clear she was falling behind because of the lack of structure and guidance. Sarah needs to be in a facility that supports her desire to parent, that is also structured.

Available Resources:

St. Marys Home;

St. Mary’s Home offers support to young mothers through parenting and prenatal classes, counselling, and life skills classes. There is also a structured residential facility that I recommend Sarah be on the waitlist for to ensure success in parenting. There is schooling on site.

Bethany Hope Centre;

Bethany Hope Centre is centrally located, and offers parenting and prenatal classes, schooling, counselling, and life skills classes. However, there is no residence.

It would be my recommendation that Sarah enroll in classes at this location until she is able to move into St. Mary’s Home for easier access to that facility.

Reflection Questions:

Are there any other community resources that could help Sarah to achieve her goal to parent?

How can staff support Sarah while she is still at the Sunnyside Residential Facility?


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